Network Port-Scan

What is port scanning? port scanning is a process in which an application designed to probe a server or network environment for open ports, Which is often used by network administrators to verify the security of their networks, But it is also used by cyber criminals to identify network services that are running and potential vulnerabilities that they can exploit in their attacks on your systems.

Our CyberGuys have created a finely tuned port scanner that combine multiple powerful scan utilities using the latest scan technology our scanning works to find businesses networks and web applications weakness that may allow backdoors, remote access, SQL Injections and many other types of malicious attacks. Each of our scans produces a summary report with the vulnerabilities, The scan list the vulnerability service type and the severity of each which we work on determining whether its actually necessary for those ports to be accessible from outside your network. If they're not necessary we secure them via shut them down or blocking them.

To help ensure that your network is protected and secure you may wish our CyberGuys to perform our finely tuned port scans on your businesses network have a chat with us now.

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Does your network have open ports? That hackers can exploit!

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