A Network Vulnerability Scanner service for all environments

The dynamic nature of today’s network environments requires persistent vulnerability scanning to defend against the constantly evolving threat. Constant changes to devices and the configurations and the applications used can leave your business susceptible to an attack by cyber criminals even if you are keeping the security software up to date.

To help you detect and secure the vulnerabilities in your network environment before cyber criminals can attack and exploit them, Visual Cyber Security can deliver network vulnerability scanning services that will detect potential threats to your physical network and data thats stored on it.

Our CyberGuys have the expert knowledge required to identify the vulnerabilities to your network and to prioritise which are the biggest threats to your environment and then secure any issues that are found. we continuously keep up to date with new threats and developing of new techniques to secure the vulnerability.

Feel free to talk to one of CyberGuys on - our team of experts are experienced in their field, however we keep the jargon to a minimum, friendly, helpful and happy to answer any questions you may have.


Does your businesses network require our more advanced network vulnerability scanning service? Our advanced scanner is a more intrusive method that will probe deeper into your business network environment uncovering the deepest vulnerabilities that Cyber criminals can exploit to steal your valuable sensitive information.


The shortcomings in your networks security and the users adherence to your businesses security policy often allow internet-based attacks to locate and compromise your businesses network.


You probably know that you need Firewall for your networks security, In fact you may even have a firewall management program in place. But is it really performing to the best of its ability? Our CyberGuys can use our in-house applications to scan your firewall to see if it is performing to the best of its ability.


What is port scanning? port scanning is a process in which an application designed to probe a server or network environment for open ports, Which is often used by network administrators to verify the security of their networks, But it is also used by cyber criminals to identify network services that are running and potential vulnerabilities that they can exploit in their attacks on your systems.

On average it takes 120 days for a business to know
its network has been compromised

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