Our Vulnerability Management Process

Vulnerability management is the process in which vulnerabilities in your IT systems are identified and the risk of these vulnerabilities are evaluated by our specialist CyberGuys, This evaluation leads to us correcting the vulnerabilities and removing the risks of potential cyber attacks.

A vulnerability management process should be part of your businesses effort to control information security risks. This process will allow your business to gain a continuous overview of the vulnerabilities in your IT systems and the risks associated with them.

Our Step-by-Step vulnerability management process consists of five phases:

  • Preparation
  • Vulnerability Scan
  • Define actions to secure vulnerabilities
  • Implement actions to secure vulnerabilities
  • Rescan for vulnerabilites

Wish to learn more about these five phases in a more in-depth manner have a chat with one of friendly CyberGuys now to learn how we can help.

Feel free to talk to one of CyberGuys on - our team of experts are experienced in their field, however we keep the jargon to a minimum, friendly, helpful and happy to answer any questions you may have.


The shortcoming in your businesses vulnerability management process is most likely due to your employees adherence to your businesses vulnerability management process which often allows internet-based attacks to locate and compromise holes in your businesses cyber security vulnerabilities.


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Does your business have a
Vulnerability Management Process in place?

Our specialist CyberGuys can help you implement one