Is your web server secure from vulnerabilities?

Web server security is an important aspect for any business to protect their web server connected to the internet. It should have a well layered defence and is especially important for businesses with customer-facing websites.

Penetration testing should be run on a regular basis to identify potential vulnerabilities which could be open to cyber criminals. these vulnerabilities are often caused by out-of-date server modules, poor configuration or coding errors and poor security patch management. web site security logs should be checked over on a continues basis.

Did you know that there are more than just vulnerability-ridden applications to patch on your server? and one of these is the programming language that your website is most likely made with such as PHP, Python and SQL.

We can help to protect your web server from vulnerabilities via our penetration testing services deploying of intrusion detection systems that includes monitoring and analysis of your web server and patching of out-of-date server modules and security patches.

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Is your web server protected?

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