Essentials Scheme

This cyber security essentials scheme is government backed and brings to light 5 controls that can help you avoid around 80% of cyber attacks when carried out properly. These 5 controls are:

  • Malware Protection
  • Access controls and administrative privilege management
  • Secure Configuration
  • Boundary firewalls and internet gateways
  • Patch Management

The scheme can be used within all sectors and for all types of organisations and within it; there are 2 levels that your organisation is able to choose from:

  • Cyber Essentials (self assessment questionnaire + vulnerability scan)
  • Cyber Essentials Plus (all of the above, plus an on-site assessment + an internal scan)

You are able to take part in a questionnaire via the ‘cyberaware’ website, and this will show you how well your company measures up against the 5 controls. From there you can then decide whether or not to pursue applying for one of the Cyber Essentials badges.

Feel free to talk to one of CyberGuys on - our team of experts are experienced in their field, however we keep the jargon to a minimum, friendly, helpful and happy to answer any questions you may have.


Visual Cyber Security are a Security Specialist with experience in helping large and small businesses understand the responsibilities for securing cyber data assets, increasing your organisations security position and reducing your businesses exposure to Cyber Crime.


Visual Cyber Security is your certified partner for achieving Cyber Essentials (CE) Certification for more information on this government-backed security accreditation for businesses


The Cyber Essentials Plus is the 2nd and highest level of the scheme which the test of the systems are carried out by an external certifying body, using a range of tools and techniques. This offers a higher level of assurance given the more resource intensive nature of the process

One in four businesses reported a cyber breach
or attack in the past 12 months

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