Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cyber Security News 20 NOV 2010

Computer Security Tips: Don't Share Passwords with Co-Workers

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Internet & Web Security Review: Sophos Named Winner in Security 

Analyzing security technologies, standards, products, innovations and best practices including cyber-security, IPS, encryption, mobile security, managed services and cloud computing security worldwide.

MS-ISAC Cybersecurity Operations Center for State, Local

MS-ISAC Cyber Security Operations Center for State, Local, Territorial and Tribal Governments Launched The Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis.

Alternatív oktatás: Afghanistan, Missile Defense On NATO Summit Agenda

The first one to be attended by Obama and Medvedev, is scheduled for November 20 to discuss, in addition to missile defense, issues ranging from proliferation, counter terrorism, anti-narcotics policy, and cyber security.

Big Security Hole in GOOGLE | Cyber Terror Book! Hacker5

Register them under cyber employment act & create a new young army for security-cyber of our country INDIA.The intention is to rehabilitate youth lured in cybercrime. JAI HIND..!! Any thing for India..!! Every thing for Indians.

Cyber Security Needs Graduates With Online Technology Management 

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A Blog Bulletin introducing current ideas on cyber-security, crime, cultural criticism, philosophy, surveillance, and poetry and religion, social-legal cyber/criminology. E-GOVERNANCE/BUSINESS

Cyber Security: FireSheep

I was just listening to a podcast on Fire Sheep: Check out some info on This allows anyone to hijack someone on the same networks account for things like Facebook and Twitter.
Online Shopping-What To Lookout For In A Great Online Shopping 

Cyber security is not something we should ignore when making payment online. The site that you are making your payment to, most have all the necessary securities, aside from its ability to accept payment from different card company.
Great Price for $40.71 | Books Security & Encryption
--Howard A. Schmidt, Former White House Cyber Security Advisor. "McGraw is leading the charge in software security. His advice is as straightforward as it is actionable. If your business relies on software (and whose doesn't), 

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