Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cyber Security News 16 Nov 2010

Countryside may turn tech

The proposed offerings include cyber security, video gaming and animation, aerospace and television production. "There are lots of hot areas now that I

China telecom briefly hijacked US Web traffic: panel

Cyber experts are watching Baidu, Google's competition in China, to see if it improves suddenly. Sudden improvement would indicate that Baidu was using

AvMed sued over loss of computers holding personal info

Cyber thieves often will wait a number of years until people lower their guard before using their identities to apply for credit cards, bank accounts or 

Actor Mark Valley resumes action role in Human Target's second season.

The United States faces a major threat in the future from cyber technologies that will require civil-military co-ordination to shield networks from attack, 

PayPal users: Beware of holiday phishing scam

The holidays come with a dramatic spike in shopping, and nobody appreciates the increase in online commerce more than cyber criminals.

Amazon Unleashes Teraflop Cloud – Hackers in Love

One of the main reasons cyber-crime is so out of control now is that the World Wide Web was built on a foundation magical thinking in the form of the ...

The Case Against COICA

Cybersecurity problems will grow.Currently, ISPs are in a position to keep DNS servers well-maintained and secure, to the benefit of their users.

Trend Micro Battles Cyber Missile with Detection Tool Security professionals fighting Stuxnet can use all the help they can get. Discovered in June by a Belarus

Smart Grid Interoperability Panel Reaches New Milestone with Process for
 (along with those on Smart Grid Architecture and on Smart Grid Cyber Security), presented to the SGIP a plan on the testing and certification process.

US faces 'huge' cyber threat in the future: Gates

Gates said the challenge for cyber security efforts inside the United States is that resources and expertise are concentrated in the military and the

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